Guy Hooks Up Wii Drums to Computer

If it weren’t for the space they’d take up, I’d get a set of Guitar Hero drums and MIDIfy them like this guy has. When you consider the combined price of the drumset, the Wii Remote and the Bluetooth-to-MIDI software (OSCulator), it comes to only slightly more than the price of a standard MIDI-over-USB drum pad. It’s even velocity sensitive! Check it out:


How to Fix Hulu's Ads

I like watching TV shows on Hulu, but I’d like it more if the ads were better-targeted. There’s no reason why internet TV should follow the same “five blocks of ads that might appeal to the show’s demographic, per hour” paradigm as broadcast TV: why not present the viewer with some choices? It’d be great if I could choose to watch ads for products that match my interests and circumstances, rather than being subjected to ads for things I am not interested in buying (like a new car, or womens’ running shoes). Besides, Hulu has so much less ad time than broadcast TV (about 3 minutes per hour rather than 15): shouldn’t those ads be as well-targeted as possible?

Dubstep vs Drum & Bass: an infographic

Not sure what genre of underground dance music from Britain to invest in? Thanks to Google Trends, we need wonder no longer:

Graph of dubstep's popularity increasing against dnb

Update (6 Dec 09): Looks like I’m not the first person to spot this trend: this guy wrote a blog post about it nearly a year ago!

Update (17 Jan 11): Looks like 2010 was a great year for Dubstep, too:

dubstep still on the rise