Snow Over London, Revisited

February brought a big surprise, when snow fell on London and the city came to a halt. I took some photos around Waterloo/Southbank, and after a considerable delay, I have now put them online. Here they are!

Snowy London

Google Now Has Realtime News Updates

Not that I care about the Tiger Woods scandal, but if I did, I’d be able to see acres of gossip and analysis unfold before my eyes - and I wouldn’t need to refresh my browser, or even go to Thanks Google!

Real-time Google results

Guy Hooks Up Wii Drums to Computer

If it weren’t for the space they’d take up, I’d get a set of Guitar Hero drums and MIDIfy them like this guy has. When you consider the combined price of the drumset, the Wii Remote and the Bluetooth-to-MIDI software (OSCulator), it comes to only slightly more than the price of a standard MIDI-over-USB drum pad. It’s even velocity sensitive! Check it out: