Blog Update (January 2019)

I haven’t prioritized updating this site for long time (almost five years has passed since my last post). Lately, my interest in blogging has returned, so here’s a little update about my blogging life.

This blog is now off S3.

Back in 2011 I migrated the blog to Jekyll and hosted it as a static site from Amazon S3. Now it lives in a private repository on GitLab, hosted as a static site. I’m pretty happy with my decision. I have nothing against hosting a static site on Amazon S3, but it’s far from straightforward. The repo lived in Dropbox, I switched computers a few times and lost track of the Amazon S3 upload details. I had a lot of patience for ornate build/deploy processes back then, before I worked in tools and became extra-sensitive to poor developer experiences. Now, because deploying is as simple as typing git push, I’m much more motivated to keep things up to date.

I started two niche WordPress blogs.

Despite my appreciation for Jekyll, I chose WordPress for these blogs due to their convenience and richer ecosystems. They’re hosted on SiteGround, which I wholeheartedly recommend; their customer service is superb and they have everything I need in a WordPress hosting platform. Right now, they’re extremely low-profile blogs (it’s a big day if I get a single visitor on either) but in 2019 I’m going to try and increase their traffic.

The first of my blogs, The 1x Engineer, collects software development tips. I started it because I found myself giving my peers at work a lot of the same tips about tools and process. If a teammate is having a hard time diagnosing a regression in their code, it’s much easier to point them to my article about git bisect than to explain the concept from scratch each time.

In a less professionally-relevant vein, over the last year my interest in playing guitar has been renewed. I started Var Guitar as a place to write about gear I like. Long-term, I’d like attract enough traffic that I can serve affiliate links against the content and maybe make some money in the process. I have no idea how realistic this goal is. Wish me luck!

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