How to Replace a Roland Micro Cube Speaker

Micro Cube Speaker Connection

A few years ago I dropped my Roland Micro Cube guitar amplifier and ripped the speaker cone. As a result, it would make terrible farty noises if played above a certain volume. Last week I replaced the speaker - here are the steps I followed.

Tools needed: a screwdriver, a phone, and a credit card. No soldering iron required.

  1. Call Roland Customer Support and ask for a replacement Micro Cube speaker, model number W120FP70-00C. It costs about $30 with tax and shipping. Mine arrived after about two weeks.

  2. When you have the new speaker, set the Micro Cube down with its grill facing up. Unscrew the grill, then unscrew the old speaker from the mount.

  3. Gently remove the old speaker from the mount, so its connectors are visible.

  4. Pull the connectors out of the old speaker - they’ll slide off with a little force, as shown in the above photo - and connect them to the new speaker. The connectors are different sizes, so don’t worry about connecting them incorrectly.

  5. Mount the new speaker and reattach the front grill.

  6. Plug in your guitar and rock out.

This is the most straightforward method I’ve seen to replace a Micro Cube’s speaker. If you want to try a non-Roland speaker, there are tutorials for that online too. Happy jamming!