Red Dirt JS

Red Dirt JS

On November 3rd I attended the Red Dirt JS conference in Oklahoma City, where I gave a presentation about the Underscore.js library. I was nervous that my talk might not be very novel - most JavaScript developers I know are already big fans of Underscore - but it turned out that most attendees had never used it. If just one attendee ends up less frustrated with JavaScript collections as a result of my talk, I’ll consider myself successful!

The other talks were great. To name a few, Nathan Smith gave a very entertaining history of the Web thus far, fellow Waco resident Derick Bailey presented on Backbone, and JD Dalton introduced Benchmark.js. Brandon Satrom’s talk on CoffeeScript was exceptionally interesting, even with it being prerecorded - I hope in the future I’ll get to hear him in person.

My slide deck is online here. This was my first ever conference presentation, so I’m very grateful to the organizers for giving me the opportunity and the audience for being so gracious with their attention. Looking forward to next time!

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