Problems with my HTC Desire


I like my HTC Desire a lot (see my review), but it’s currently giving me a very hard time. When I turn it on, it stays on the boot screen (shown right) for hours and hours normally it disappears after less than a minute. In other words, the phone’s unusable. This issue’s not addressed on HTC’s support website, and restoring it to the factory settings hasn’t helped at least there were no precious photos on it.

This isn’t the only issue I’ve faced with the Desire. If I tried to use it while charging the battery, it would unexpectedly reboot, followed by an endless cycle of reboots, only stoppable by removing the battery. Apparently this is a fairly common complaint.

Because the phone is still under warranty (I never rooted it, or did anything out of the ordinary) my network (Orange) are sending me a replacement tomorrow. I’m hopeful that the new phone will function trouble-free, but it’s annoying that I’ve had any issues in the first place.

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