The advertisements I saw while watching "Philadelphia" on


  1. Oscar Mayer “Deli Creations” pre-assembled microwaveable sandwiches
  2. Ritz Crackers (Wyclef Jean performs at a block party, and crackers come out of his guitar)
  3. DiGiorno pizza and breadsticks (as good as delivery, apparently)
  4. ad #1 repeated
  5. Slim Jim meat snacks (after eating some Slim Jims, two kids fight ninjas and become champion wrestlers)
  6. ad #5 repeated
  7. Oreo Cakesters (boy sets up a Facebook group about how great it is to dunk Cakesters into milk, his father tries to set up an opposing group. “do you sign up for this, or are you just on it already?”)
  8. Verizon FIOS internet (you can get the weather on your TV without changing the channel, as long as it’s not the weather on the moon!)
  9. #8 repeated

I’d like to extend my gratitude to the aforementioned companies who not only enabled me to watch the film free of charge, but who also lightened the sombre, emotional mood of the film with their charming and wacky ads for junk food and broadband. Let’s do this again soon!